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Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu Travel Guide

Thiruvannamalai is a city and district in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It is a pilgrimage town for Annamalaiyar devotees visiting Annamalai Temple at the Annamalai hills. From earlier times Thiruvannamalai has been the seat of many spiritual Yogis and siddhars and from recent past Ramana Maharshi a spiritual leader lived here at the annamalai hills hence Annamalai has been ever so important for the Shiva devotees. Thiruvannamalai represents Fire among the panch Bhootas (matters) of this material worlds. The other four bhootas are Space at Chidambaram, Wind at Sri Kalahasti, Water at Thiruvanaikoil and Earth at Kanchipuram. In the Kartik month during Nov / Dec a big Bramotsavam festival is celebrated in the temple, on the tenth day of celebrations a huge lamp of three Tons of Ghee is lit on the Annamalai Hills. The other three Brahmotsavams are celebrated during other months of the year. On the full moon night of Chitra Pornima lacs of devotees visit this sacred town. Otherwise also thousands of devotees come to Circumambulate Annamalai hills barefoot as a penance. How to Reach: Tiruvannamalai is situated 185 Kms from Chennai and 175 Kms from Bangalore. The place is very well connected by roads and railways. By road there are three major national Highways pass through the city they are Pondicherry-Krishnagiri-Bangalore NH 66, Mangalore-Villupuram NH 234 and NH 289. The Tamil Nadu State Transport operates many busses from different towns to Thiruvannamalai. There are many trains to Tiruvananmalai from Thambaram, Krishnarajapuram, Thiruchirapalli, K R Puram, Pondichery, Tirupati and Madurai. Nearest Railway junction is at Jolarpet (81 Kms). The nearest airport is Chennai (170 Kms) and Bangalore (167 Kms). When in Tiruvannamalai a visit to the tourist spot of Amirthi Zoological Park (65 Kms) can also undertaken.

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