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Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide

Khajuraho is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located about 600 Kms. South west of New Delhi in Chhaterpur District of Madya Pradesh. It is very popular the world over for its erotic sculptures. Khajuraho city was the artistic assets of its rulers of 10Th Century, the Chandela Rajputs. The city was originally walled and had about 80 temples of whish only 25 are standing with practical state of protection. The temples give out an excellent illustration of Indian architectural styles which is prominent for clear portrayal of sexual life in that medieval era. The villagers existing in that area knew about the temples but the information was kept as a top secret with them.

The secrets were revealed to the British only at the end of 19Th century, the thick forest growth had taken its toll by then and majority of assets were gone by then. The temples do not depict erotic art inside the temples but it is carved on the outer walls of the temples. In some cases where there are double walls the scenes are carved on the outer surface of inner walls also. These sculptures reveal that the material desires of an individual should be kept outside the temple and only pure and causeless devotion should be carried on inside the temple. Only about 10% of the total carvings depict sexual themes between ordinary people and not of deities, as some misconceptions had propagated. The rest of the sculptures are about the routine odd jobs of the people of those times, like women putting on makeup, farmers, potters working, musicians and other folks. A very recent development in the area is a finding of biggest underground temple in the neighborhood of the old complex; the digging is in progress and will take another two-Three years of time.

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