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Gajpantha Jain Temple, Maharashtra Travel Guide

Gajpantha is a prominent pilgrimage center of Jain religion. Situated in the proximity of Nasik city, the place is called as ‘Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra, Gajpantha’. Gajpantha Jain temples are perched on the top a small hill near the village called Mhasrul. The hill is about 400 feet high and one has to climb just 450 steps to get to the temples situated on the top the hill. The place is very auspicious one for the Jain people as it is believed that millions of Jain saints gained the salvation at this holy place. Gajpantha assumes further significance as it is considered to be the place where seven Balbhadra (saint) of Jain attained salvations. Vijay, Achal, Sudharma, Suprabh, Nandi, Nandimitra and Sudarshan are the names of those Balbhadra.Gajpantha is named after a prominent Jain ascetic Gajsukumar who is also believed to have attained the salvation here. Presently Gajpantha draws thousands of Jain pilgrims from different part of the country round the year. Gajpantha hill houses Chamar Leni (caves) containing Jain idols. A newly built Jain temple housing the beautifully sculptured idol of Baghwan Parshwanath found in excavation is located there. A beautiful garden and Samadhi of Kshemendra Kirti are located at the foot of Gajpantha hill. A Jain temple containing the idols of Mahavir facing the four directions is also situated down there. How to reach: Gajpantha is easily accessible place owing to its proximity to city of Nasik. Nasik Road railway station is just about 16 km away from Gajpantha. Central Bus Stand of Nasik is just 6 km away from Gajpantha and there are several buses connecting the city to the sacred place. Besides, private transports are also available from Nasik to reach there. The city of Nasik is furthermore well connected to other part of the state and the country. Other details: An annual event of religious gathering is held at Gajpantha every year on 14 day of Magh month. The event includes the celebrations of Jalyatra and Gajratha ceremonies. Gajpantha is thronged by thousands of devotees from far and wide on the occasion. Mhasrul village situated at the foothill of Gajpantha houses Dharamshala providing accommodation facility to the pilgrims. A hundred years old temple of Jain is also situated in the village. People coming to the sacred place of Gajpantha do not forget to visit Mangi Tungi, another prominent Jain pilgrimage center situated near Nasik.

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