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Dwarka, Gujarat Travel Guide

Dwarka falls under Jamnagar district of Gujarat State in India lying at the west most point of the nation. The city was originally established by the Lord Sri Krishna during Vedic times. The city was damaged / destroyed and submerged under sea six times before, hence this is the seventh city built in that area. The Vedic blockedures such as the Mahabharata, the Harivansha, the Bhagavata Purana, the Vishnu Purana and the Skanda Purana mention that the original Dwarka town was located near the present city but it was ultimately deserted by the people and was submerged under the sea. Some deep sea diving expeditions have confirmed the sighting of remains of some city like dwellings under the sea. According to Garuda Purana there are seven most auspicious cities where Moksha (final release of soul from this material world) can be achieved six of those are Ayodhya, Mathura, Haridwar, Kanchi, Ujjain and Kashi, and the seventh one is Dwarka. Dwarka is considered one of the holiest cities in Hinduism and one among the Chaar Dhaam along with Badrinath, Jagganath Puri and Rameshwaram. The present 5 storied temple was built in 16Th century and the original temple was built over the Hari-Griha (Lord Krishna’s residence) by Lord Krishna’s great grandson, King Vajranabh. The flag on the temple is hoisted five times in a day. There are two Dwars (gates) to the temple. The Swarg Dwar is the entrance to the temple, The Outdoor of the temple is Moksha Dwar. The point of meeting of river Gomati with the Arabian Sea (the Sangam) is visible from the Temple. Other shrines in the city are Shrines of Vasudeva, Balarama, Devaki, Revati, Subhadra, Rukmini Devi, Satyabhama Devi and Jambavati Devi. On the way to Bet Dwarka a separate Temple of Rukmini Devi can be visited by boat. Though the Vedic blockedures clearly mention the existence of and total destruction of Dwarka city many times, our present day non believers doubt about the truth. Even though Indian Science and Technology minister has stated in the Indian parliament (on 19Th May 2001) about the finding of evidences of dwellings under the sea at Dwarka, the scientist still argue about the dating and authenticity of findings, ultimately not accepting the fact about the presence of Lord Krishna on this planet Earth.

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